bmAlPicThere is no place more fascinating to me than the heart of a gay man.

The wounded boy, the desire for the beloved, the fabulous queen - are all manifestations of that mystery space.

I have extensive experience participating and assisting in numerous workshops offered by Body Electric School where I trained as a Sacred Intimate. Among other things, I am a skilled flogger and spanker.

My Values

My core values are centered around: respect, reverence, trust, honesty, integrity, delight and connection.

As your sacred intimate I will speak the truth, keep my promises, and live in service to you during our session.

Every gay man I have met who has been willing to open his heart is utterly beautiful to me. What you look like on the outside is not what matters.

I am a fabulous older man: 53 years old. I weigh 195 pounds and am 6' tall. More pictures of me here.

Part of inhabiting my role as fabulous older man is allowing myself to be seen and claiming my beauty. I have appeared in print and video. It is my wish that my journey of self-discovery might help others advance their journeys.

See a short video clip of me courtesy of Hot Older Male


My History

me3I was a "sensitive" boy who would rather bake cakes than play football. Something that young men in West Texas just didn't do.

I had a very active imaginary life as a boy (I had to in order to survive as a queer boy): an imaginary family of lions were my best friends, I produced strange home movie productions which I wrote and enlisted my friends to star in.

I struggled with the model of being "normal" until finally coming out at age 26. To my great delight, those who loved me most; brothers, mother, friends, not only were willing to accept me as I am, but supported me and saluted my honesty.

Nevertheless, I spent most of my life as a good "boy scout", behaving according to a strict set of rules of proper behavior with my own desires left unacknowledged. I ultimately awoke to my own beauty and power and began truly living my life.

I have learned that expanding my own joy/pleasure is not selfish, it creates more of it for the whole world.

That following my own path with honesty & integrity, I inspire others to do the same.

Today I feel called to be a sacred intimate and explore my gift of healing.

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