ramer2A Lover, a Sacred Prostitute,
these are some descriptions.


Making myself available to you in whatever way is appropriate, I seek to connect in a healing way with other men. This may or may not include erotic contact.


The choice is ours to create together.


Some things we can do:

  • Act out your fantasies through role-play.
  • Sink deep into your place of surrender through bondage.
  • Create a ritual to honor your body, body parts or aspects of you that are judged or shamed.
  • Create a ritual around stepping into your erotic Manhood.
  • Be a little boy with Daddy again and snuggle with me while I hold you and read you to sleep.Experience surrender and intimacy through intense body sensations using spanking and/or flogging.
  • Explore fears around HIV and sex.
  • Sink into your grounded core undamaged self through mumification.
  • Heal your fear of anal penetration.
  • Let me tell you the words that you have been yearning to hear.
  • Tell me about your body while I watch and listen as your delighted witness.
  • Hear me tell you about your body.
  • Role-play the story of an old trauma with a script that has a new ending so you can heal and move on.
  • Explore why you want to suck/fuck or be sucked/fucked.
  • Explore your sense of worthiness by having me worship you.
  • Touch and be touched as a lover.
  • Self-pleasure while showing off for me.
  • Allow me to photograph you.Replace images of others with images of yourself and become your own erotic icon.
  • Self-pleasure while watching slideshow of pictures of yourself to heal your negative body image.
  • Guide you and your partner in erotic play. Couples are welcome.
  • Explore intimacy through breathing and eye gazing with me.
  • Experience holding, hugging for half an hour or more.


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